Anton Zaroutski

A WordPress specialist/enthusiast, front-end and PHP developer and a team player.

My passion is WordPress. I am well equiped in both front- and back-end development.

I plan things - they are be built better this way.

I am interested in a role within an organisation that is a premium WordPress agency especially if it maintains SaaS applications or WordPress plugins.

My current learning directions are Sage theme addons, vanilla JavaScript, React and application of the last two to WordPress.


Where the Foundation was laid

My first computer (ZX Spectrum 48) was built by my dad. I learnt Basic and my career path was decided!

Plekhanov High School of Economics

Sept 1993 June 1994

These were the last two years of my school where I concentrated on programming applied to the field of economics.

University of Maths & Electronics

Sept 1995 Nov 2000

Completed Systems Programming degree where I studied in depths all subjects required to be and think like a programmer including advanced maths, physics and software development.

Alpha Beta College

June 2001 June 2003

Completed Software Development Diploma where I acquired knowledge specific to Australian IT industry.

Skills & Work Experience

Bells and whistles I use to make things happen and where I apply them.


Huge enthusiasm about everything WordPress
Plugin development
Frameworks in WordPress (MVC / Themosis)
Themes development
Development for Visual Composer
AJAX in WordPress
learning JavaScript (react.js, frontend templates, etc.)
Following WordPress community
learning WooCommerce

Front end development

CSS Preprocessors (SASS, LESS)
JavaScript, jQuery
Bower, Gulp, NodeJS usage
Photoshop, Illustrator

Back end development

Custom development (PHP)
CMS development (Wordpress)
MVC Frameworks (Symfony 1.x)
Database development
Version Control (SVN, Git, Bitbucket, Github)


Test driven development
Unit testing (PHPUnit)
Scripted testing with Selenium IDE
Automated testing with Nightwatch.js


Understanding of lead nurturing
Salesforce / Pardot
A/B Testing (VWO, Optimizely)

Operating systems & server administration

Linux (Ubuntu) & Windows
Understanding of continuous integration
VI/VIM/Nano editors

Agile / Leadership / PM

Ability to lead others
Project management
Prototyping, wireframing

Brown Box

Senior Web Developer (May 2016 – current)

Developed custom WordPress themes of different complexity based on an in-house boilerplate theme.

Developed custom WordPress plugins.

Worked on the API integrations between WordPress, dTracker and PayDock.

Developed workflows that utilised Gravity Forms and MailChimp.

Worked on the in-house product related to serving optimised donations online.

Supported (and developed for) the in-house product that offers online product catalogue experience.

Liased with clients on an on-going basis during the lifespan of the projects.

Worked closely with an in-house designer and managed junior staff members of the product delivery team.

Established and optimised internal development processes.

Used Teamwork Project and Teamwork Desk for day-to-day project and development management.

Tyro Payments

Web Developer (September 2014 – May 2016)

Supported, developed, optimised and tested corporate website of Tyro Payments (

Developed WordPress themes for the corporate website and related projects.

Developed WordPress plugins to support growing needs of lead generation through the website as well as to simplify the process of the website management.

Developed Visual Composer addons to fast track in-house landing pages development.

Integrated lead engagement forms on the website with Salesforce and Pardot.

Implemented marketing automation processes in Pardot to allow the flow of leads from the website through Pardot to Salesforce.

Assisted Marketing team with analytical data recording and extraction.

Planned and implemented internal processes: A/B testing, landing pages development, WordPress infrastructure update, internal tasks management etc.

Implemented batch data testing through using of Nightwatch.js.

Developed responsive and consistent across most email clients email marketing campaign templates.

Established and thoroughly documented internal processes related to web development.

Engaged in planning, cooperation and development of inter-department initiatives (customers self-service portal, for instance).

Created custom workflows and issue types for job management in Jira.

Solely worked on Open University Australia's project - Open Training Institute ( Our company built facilities for students to study online.

The systems used (including 3rd party):

  • Drupal
  • Moodle
  • Catapult
  • PEPi
  • Salesforce

The project heavily uses Amazon AWS infrastructure as well automated deployments using Jenkins and Gocd.

Used a highly agile method of development including test driven development approach.

My personal input was for Drupal Front and Back End development (PHP, Javascript, HTML, Less).

  • Provided detailed technical quotes to help win new clients.
  • Managed the technical development on all projects to ensure it was completed successfully on time and on budget.
  • Supported development team members.
  • Established procedures to streamline development processes.
  • Took part in management production meetings as well as client briefings.
  • Programmed and worked on projects that were too complicated to outsource.
  • Helped maintain current technological trends.
  • Took part in the development of test procedures when hiring new staff members.
  • Developed and refactored.
  • Polished the development process procedures.
  • Introduced office to version control.
  • Installed and configured in-house development servers.
  • Developed testing procedures.
  • Developed deployment procedures.
  • Standardised database schema development procedures.
  • Developed Wordpress sites audit procedures.
  • Upgraded in-house CMS to using MVC paradigm.
  • Streamlined quotation process, which led to more accurate quotes.

Developed a custom streaming platform for BCM that would allow filmmakers register to upload their content, organise and sell it online.

  • Learnt a lot about typography, usability & UI techniques.
  • Established efficient procedures to automate development process.
  • Designed skeleton framework that dramatically minimized development time.
  • Delivered refactoring friendly code.
  • Configured Linux server to work with FFMpeg.
  • Automated video encoding with FFMpeg through website’s UI.
  • Integrated flash video player into project, which made it easy to configure and them the player via platform’s administrations pages.
  • Developed multi-level navigation system for video player.
  • Wrote JavaScript and PHP helpers that automated work with custom player navigations.
  • Integrated Wowza media server to allow streaming in addition to progressive download.

Developed new recruitment website purely focused on the IT industry with a heavy emphasis on user tools and features. Also worked on smaller web development projects.

Responsibilities included:
  • End to end development of a new recruitment website -
  • End to end development of (scripts and applications online catalogue).
  • Ongoing management of
  • General web development on smaller projects, tasks & maintenance.
  • Documentation of website.
  • Graphic design of all websites developed by MCM.
  • Prototyping, Testing & Support.
  • Completed website on time and on budget.
  • Introduced new ideas regarding project management and web maintenance.
  • Wrote .NET application that served as an offline client for project.
  • Assisted in development of an in-house MVC framework.
  • Created a sophisticated filtering system (integrated into in-house framework) for database result sets.

Projects I have worked on

  • Full redesign of all company websites
  • Development of new product website -
  • Developed and maintained company websites.
  • Managed company’s web development projects.
  • Graphic design of company packaging and advertisements.
  • In-house computer hardware and software maintenance.
  • Introduced more efficient and effective backup procedure through utilising idle time of employee computers during work hours.
  • Turned existing company websites into database driven analogues.
  • Streamlined products listing for easy reference and yearly updates.
  • Designed company’s packages and logo’s for new products.

Maintained and developed company's website as well as designed advertisements of holiday packages that were published in newspapers and magazines.

Responsibilities included
  • Web development all-round work on company website.
  • On-going development of company advertisements for 9 to 5 magazine and variety of newspapers (including Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph).
  • Created a more dynamic and user friendly website.
  • Learn a lot about pre-press.
Location & contact details:   Seven Hills, NSW, Australia, 2147
  +61 (466) 381 331